Flying Saucers and Taekwondo

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The more research I do about my university, the more I get both excited and worried. After perusing the website for the Linguistics Department, I have found out some interesting things. Apparently, at Ulyanovsk State Technical University, students learn two foreign languages – English and German. If my Russian fails me, and for some reason I can’t communicate in English, I have the hope of reverting to German. Currently, my German is stronger than my Russian, so that offers me some solace. It also means that I can hopefully find someone willing to work with me on my German in addition to Russian. I guess that I am fated to always have the two languages competing with each other. The scary thing is that as this is a technological university, a lot of the linguistics information that I find on the website is about scientific writing, specifically computer focused. Paging my ECE and CS friends (you know who you are), I may need your help with understanding some of the topics that potential students may be writing about.

Other exciting things about the university are the prospects for me to continue to practice martial arts. The sports part of the university website praises two students, among others, for their world and national rankings in Karate and Taekwondo, respectively. Although I am slightly worried about what would happen to the American at Taekwondo practice (I really don’t need to be knocked out, have anything broken, or get another really bad bone bruise on my foot), if there is indeed a club there, I wish to continue training.

The sports complex. It's not really the Kirby Sports Center, but it should do.

Note to self: Don't kick someone in the elbow again.

A fun fact about my university is that there is a building on campus that is known as the “flying saucer.” It’s the university’s equivalent of a student center and is literally shaped like a flying saucer. I’m sure that future posts will contain many “Futurama” and “MST3K” related jokes and comments. Speaking of “Futurama,” I can’t wait to watch it on Russian tv again. There’s nothing like watching one of your favorite shows poorly dubbed, which means something else in terms of Russian television. While Americans may make fun of bad dub jobs where the sounds don’t match the movement of lips, in Russia this would be considered a medium grade dub. The cheapest of dubbing in Russia means leaving the original soundtrack untouched, English voices and all, while one man shouts over it and voices all of the characters. Usually, the result is that I can follow neither the English track nor the Russian. Click here for a sample.

Flying Saucer

  1. I need to figure out if there’s a place to do Tae Kwon Do at my university. Have you ever studied martial arts before this? 🙂

    • grunewas says:

      I hoping that they have a place to practice either Taekwondo or Karate at the university. I was also hoping to check out Sambo while in Russia. Yeah, I’ve been doing martial arts since 3rd grade. The bulk of my training has been in Tang Soo Do, but I’ve done a little Shotokan Karate and Brazilian Jiujitsu on top of that. I was also a member of the Taekwondo Club at Lafayette for all four years. I’m still in denial about not training with my friends and Master at Lafayette again.

  2. That’s awesome. Yeah, I’ve been practicing Tae Kwon Do for 11 years. If I were anywhere near you in Russia I’d practice with you.

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