In Ulyanovsk

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Life is good in Ulyanovsk. Well, mostly great. This will be a very quick post as my computer is temporarily broken, but will hopefully be fixed soon. My housing got slightly messed up. I was supposed to live in a one-room apartment in a university dorm, but that’s under renovation. I’m currently living in a double room by myself in a regular dorm. Everyone on my wing of the floor is awesome. My next-door neighbor is very nicely letting me use his computer. Most of the people on the floor aren’t from Russia. Many are from Moldova and there are some from Tajikistan and Turmenistan. It’s pretty cool. I guess it’s nicer having people to talk to than being alone in an apartment.


Everyone at the university is wonderful. My host contact is great and she took me around to meet various people with whom I will be working this year. I’ve been invited to hang out and drink tea in various offices. I will return to the language department tomorrow morning to learn more about my teaching schedule and assignments. The language department got really excited when I said that I spoke German, and more so when I said that I spoke it better than Russian. It’s been hard to function in Russian for the past few days, but it’s becoming easier and easier. I’ve forgotten most of the grammar, but that’s what happens when you don’t use it for ages. The most painful thing is knowing that I used to know certain words and verbs, and it becomes really frustrating when I cannot remember them and turn into a stammering idiot. Thankfully, no one seems to mind that I’ve been butchering the Russian language.


Once my computer is fixed I’ll post more about my travels and life at the university as well as photos.


Oooooh, and I saw a mid-1990s Mercedes 190E parked in front of my dorm on the day that I moved in. It was red and had Euro-cloth interior. I think it is a good sign of more wonderful things to come. Now if only I can figure out who owns it and how to buy it…

  1. Sounds like you’re doing well. Any pictures?

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