Lyapis Trubetskoy Concert!!!!!!!

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week has been awesome. On Monday night I met up with George and Julia after classes and we headed to Manhattan, the former Subway. Basically, they couldn’t afford the franchise, so they quit being subway but kept selling the same sandwiches.

Being a gluttonous American, and loving it! Would you believe that was the tastiest sandwhich I ever ate? How about second tastiest? Points to you if you get source of the jokes.

Also, the restaurant is decorated with photos of Manhattan and maps of the NYC subway, which makes me happy. After dinner, we headed to the Irish pub again. According to the pub, the soundtrack to the film “Snatch” counts as Irish music. It was all fun and games until we left around 10:30PM. I had not expected to be out so late, so I did not warn the woman by the door. We ended up waiting in the snow for a marshrutka for about 45 minutes and I finally got to the dormitory around 11:30PM.

There's never a damn marshrutka when you need one, or rather, the correct marshrutka.

The front door was naturally locked and I was afraid of being yelled at. When I knocked on the door, the woman got up to let me in. She had an angry look on her face, but the crisis was avoided. The first thing I said to her was, “Please excuse me for being late, I know what I did was wrong.” She then proceeded to tell me that it was very bad to stay out late in the snow. No, it didn’t matter that it was late at night and it didn’t matter where I had been, the only problem was that I was out in the snow. Apparently she is confused that we are in Russia, where it seems to snow a lot and avoiding being in the snow is impossible from November through April in these parts. Upon telling her that I had to wait a long time for the marshrutka she had a smile on her face and told me that it’s a common occurrence here. Then an older man came in behind me and the door lady rambled to him about how nice Americans are because we apologize when we are late and thank people for letting us inside from the cold. Note to self: always be extra polite with the door ladies. I will be sure to bring them chocolate when I return from Christmas and New Year’s at home. My apartment may or may not be done in January, so in case it isn’t, I figure it’s good to bribe the ladies so that they will continue to let me in after curfew.

As for an update concerning Russian, my Russian teacher keeps giving me chocolates and candies to try. She wants me to sample the various assortments so I know which ones to bring home to America. She also gave me a jar of hot sauce. Life gets better and better by the day here.

Thursday was exciting because upon entering the dormitory after work, one of the other door ladies made eye contact with me and proceeded to hand me an envelope. It was a belated birthday card from my best friend. Dearest Sherlock, once again, the card really made me happy and it’s nice to know that things from the homeland will make it to the Motherland if properly addressed in Russian. We will play so much Call of Duty when I get home, that is if my parents let me leave the house. I can do what I want to do in Russia and they don’t worry, but it might be too dangerous if I go to your house one day. We all know that the route to your house is practically through a war zone and that I am in imminent danger while sitting on a couch playing video games and entertaining your dog.

On Friday night I grabbed dinner with two of my students. We were having a nice time talking and relaxing in the restaurant and then all of a sudden two students from the aviation academy heard us speaking in English and asked to join us. At first, I thought that they were a father and son pair. It just turns out that Ivan looked like he was 40 when he’s really only 29. And Alyosha was 19 or 20 even though he looked like he was 15. Alyosha could speak English moderately well, but Ivan had difficulties. Let’s just say that I never want to fly in a plane piloted by Ivan.

Tonight was one of the most awesome nights yet. Julia and I went to a Ляпис Трубецкой (Lyapis Trubetskoy) concert. I have been looking forward to it since I stumbled upon a poster announcing it the previous weekend. The concert was in a strange club called the “Fifth Sun” that is randomly Aztec and Cupid themed. The lead singer of the band made fun of the decorations at one point. One of the teachers in my department keeps telling me to go clubbing and keeps suggesting this place. At least I can tell her that I’ve been there, but I know I will never return unless there is another good group playing.

The concert was purely amazing. The group played for 90 action packed minutes. They’re a ska/punk/rock group and except for maybe one or two songs, they played exclusively up-tempo and fast songs. The lead singer kept jumping around the stage like a madman and I don’t know how he didn’t collapse from sheer exhaustion. The band played pretty much each and every one of my favorite songs. The guitarist was a badass and kept smoking cigarettes throughout the set. This is my manifest, Lyapis Trubetskoy is number one, they’re the best (to paraphrase their lyrics).

Lyapis Trubetskoy

They started with a rock anthem called “Трубецкой” (Trubetskoy).

I know one of my subscribers is a huge fan of the Ramones. Therefore, I got a video of Trubetskoy’s rendition of “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.” Sadly, my flip video camera was playing games and refused to turn on. I guess that’s a lesson to why you shouldn’t leave the camera in your Tae Kwon Do bag. Anyway, I got a video with my regular camera, but the quality is quite bad. Still, you know who you are and I expect an email with a critique of the cover.

The band also played “Огоньки” (Ogonki, or lights), which is the song that introduced me to the band. I saw a post about their awesome music video for the song on the blog English Russia and fell in love with the song. From there, I proceeded to listen to their other music. One of my tutors in St. Petersburg gave me all of their albums. I got a video of the song “Капитал” (Capital), again with the worse camera. Forgive the spastic motions of the camera, but I was trying to film and have a good time at the same time.

After more than 80 minutes of non-stop playing, the band called it quits. Some people began to leave, but the crowd kept chanting “Trubetskoy” and they came back out for a two song encore. The first song of the encore was the song “Belarus Freedom.” Hannah, I promised and I delivered a video. Thankfully, my video camera responded by this point. Once again, I was busy jumping around at points and thus my hand was shaking like crazy at times.

Life in Ulyanovsk continues to exceed my expectations. I knew I would have a great year here, but everything keeps getting better and better. I’m going to be very sad when I return home in July.

  1. Julia Zotova says:

    К нам приехал Трубецкой, он как Моцарт, но живой))

    Спасибо за компанию, отлично провели время)

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