Sweets and Sports

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been back in Ulyanovsk for a week. The transition back hasn’t been too bad. What I have noticed while back is that winter doesn’t seem to end here. The snow has started to melt a little and parts of the road and sidewalk and visible in places, but we’ve still be getting a fair share of snow. I guess I only like two seasons, summer and winter, and detest what happens between them. I miss the warm weather, but I’m not looking forward to when all of the snow melts and everything turns muddy and wet. The puddles of slush are unpleasant enough as it is.

I also managed to get these roughly within 24 hours of returning. I missed the concert, but collecting the posters still makes me happy.

Being gone was both good and bad. I’m now even more behind in my Russian classes. Normally, this wouldn’t be a massive problem because I’m the only student in the class, but my teacher insists on making up the hours that I have missed. My Russian schedule has already gone from the five classes a week that I need to eight, and now my teacher wants to add more. The only redeeming factor is that my teacher gives me candy every time we meet. I’m very easily bribed by candy.

My students all noticed that I was gone. I was really happy when they all asked how I was and told me excitedly that they were glad that I had returned. Positive feedback like that is always appreciated and I’m relieved to know that more than just a few of my students really enjoy our classes together.

Perhaps the most exciting class that I had this week was with my English club. About eight people show up to the club from a variety of age groups. Yesterday, only three men showed up, two of whom are professors at the university. For my English club, we discuss grammar a little bit and then I field questions about America. The topic of baseball came up last night. I was asked to explain the rules of baseball. I tried my best, and drew a bunch all over the blackboard, and the result was mild confusion at best. The good news was that the history professor asked me if we could play baseball when the snow melts. I readily agreed and cannot wait to usurp of one the nearby soccer fields for a modified version of baseball. As my students love to remind me, there are plenty of baseball bats in Russia; however, baseballs and gloves are next to impossible to find. I’ll make something work. Maybe we will play stick ball. Now all that’s left to do is try to teach the Russians that the Yankees are the best baseball team, or in the least teach that the worst team on the face of the earth is the Red Sox.

My big brother and I are Yankees fans. It's a birth right that comes with being born 15 minutes from the Bronx line.

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