Going Back, Back Again

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It’s that time again, I’m heading back to Russia tomorrow. I’ll be spending six weeks in Moscow doing archival research on my new research topic: German prisoners of war and the postwar reconstruction of the Soviet Union. Basically, I’m looking into German POWs in the Gulag system and their contribution to recovery of the Soviet Union’s economy. Sadly this topic does not incorporate Soviet cars or Mercedes (believe me, I would find a connection were there one), but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. As I’m sure most people aren’t interested in my current research (though I doubt there were that many who were into Soviet cars either), the blog will stay focused on my adventures living in the Motherland. Stay tuned for reports of shenanigans in Moscow. I’ll cover such riveting topics as will my dorm room have a fridge, how strict is dormitory curfew, and will the babushki in the archives mercilessly mock me?


2014-06-03 13.21.23

At least my packing is 99.9% done. I’ll add a pair of pants and a toothbrush and call it a success.

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